Board of Directors, 2015-2016

Randy L. Wall, RFD CDC President
Rev. Lucy Robbins, RFD CDC Vice President
Rev. Sam Moore, RFD CDC Secretary/Treasurer
Anna Baucom
Rev. Amy Coles, WNCC UMC DS, Assistant to the Bishop
Rev Laura Early
Rev. Leonard Fairley, NCC UMC DS
Mr. Tom Lambeth
Rev. Sally Langford, WNCC UMC DS

Rev. Joe Mann
Rev. Jonathan Mills
Ms. Robin Pulver
Rev. Jeremy Troxler
Rev. Janice Virtue, Leadership Consultant, Trainer, & Coach
Rev. Gil Wise, NCC UMC DS
Rev. Dr. R. A. (Alan) Rice Jr, RFD CDC Executive Director and COO

NCC Advisory Board, 2015-2016

Rev Laura Early
Rev. Carol Goehring
Rev. Joe Mann
Rev. Jonathan Mills
Connie Marie Stutts
Steve Taylor
Randy L. Wall
Rev. Gil Wise, NCC DS UMC


DS - District Superintendent
COO - Chief Operating Officer
NCC - North Carolina Conference
UM - United Methodist
UMC - United Methodist Church
WNCC - Western North Carolina Conference