RFD ConstruX, LLC

ConstruX facilitates building construction through project management and construction services that provide significant savings. The goal is economy and efficiency. in order to provide sustainable building systems and increase an organization’s physical capacity to minister.

Recent work includes multipurpose buildings and worship space along with a variety of unique projects that include: a new prison chapel, a house for young people trying to discern the call on their life, remodeling a former car dealership into a contemporary church campus, and even repurposing existing churches to accommodate many different uses.


FaithBridge United Methodist Church - The first design proposal for FaithBridge UMC was for $862,000 for 2/3 of the footprint of the project. With RFD ConstruX's cost engineering, a larger building, which was more energy efficient, was constructed at a savings of $250,000.

Visit the FaithBridge United Methodist Church website at www.faithbridgeumc.org.


At an RFD CDC board planning retreat, an asset-based strategizing session produced the suggestion of beginning a construction company. The thought was that it would be an extension of consulting with churches and other entities. As a not-for-profit, it would serve to replace the Church Extension work ended several years ago. As well, it would take advantage of the Executive Director’s education in Civil Engineering with a Construction Management Minor and his experience as a commercial contractor for ten years in a firm that during his last year of employment was doing $6 million a year in volume.

Sean Rice, a fourth generation contractor, serves as the primary staff person with ConstruX.


Sean Rice - sean@rfdcdc.org or (828) 545-0701