NETworX USA is a national movement to measurably reduce poverty at its holistic core. The strategy is based on building well-being together, rather than well-doing for others. It is individuals and communities building intentional relationships through education and love of neighbor as well as love of self. This program offers a model for building relationships across the lines that divide us (whether racial, cultural, economic) so that we can all move towards a fuller, richer life.

Best practices gleaned from Circles® USA, NC Circles® Plus, asset-based community development, strength-based assessment, the Wesleyan movement's focus on works of mercy, and other research-based material informed the development of the NETworX model. Fifteen NC communities are already involved and others are considering participation as pilot sites.

Besides NC, there is a regional site for southern California/Nevada and local sites in California, Kansas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Additional regional sites are planned for the future.

In 2016, NETworX was endorsed by the United Methodist General Conference.

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